R Baby's Annual Tennis Tournament

This past weekend we had the opportunity to help support the R Baby Foundation at their Annual Tennis Tournament! The R Baby Foundation, born out of tragedy, works with the medical community to provide them with the resources they need to improve the health and treatment of infants. After the loss of their infant daughter due to a misdiagnosis, Phyllis and Andrew Rabinowitz dedicated their lives to creating a dialogue about pediatric emergency care. By raising visibility and funds they hope to help improve chances that infants will be properly diagnosed, treated, and saved through enhanced pediatric ER care. 

We're incredibly honored to be a part of an organization that is so dedicated to saving infant's lives through diagnostic intervention and increased pediatric ER training.

This is our third year participating in this event, helping the competitors to perform at their highest level by providing stretching and mobilization. Each year we learn more, developing a close relationship with the people behind the scenes who work so hard to make this event happen. Listening to how passionate the founders are creates a greater sense of the importance of this cause and only increases my desire to help. At Madison Square Wellness, we want to provide our children with the best health care opportunities and help ensure that no one experiences the loss of a young child. In the years that we’ve worked with Andrew and Phyllis, we have not only learned, but also felt the passion and dedication they put toward their cause. 
We look forward to helping and supporting The R Baby Foundation in their continued fight!

For more information about the R Baby Foundation and what you can do to help, visit their website, www.rbabyfoundation.org, or follow them on Facebook!

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