Healthy Workplace Habits



We are in the midst of a great shift in the workforce. As a unit, we are quickly becoming more aware, more concerned with our overall wellness, and more so motivated to make positive changes. While a greater emphasis on healthy living has risen - the 9 to 5 has become 9 to 6, or even later. We spend more time working and less time leaving our desks, especially in companies where even lunch is brought to the office. Through the chaos, we struggle to find a balance between work and health, with the latter often slipping to the back-burner. Just this past week a patient came in one night for a 6 o'clock appointment only to comment that she needed a quick session since she had to head back to the office. Since none of us a working any less, why not make the way you work a bit healthier? 

  1.  How are you working? Stop what you're doing and take a look at how your sitting. Are your shoulders rolled forward, legs crossed, head down? Lift your shoulders up, pull them back, and open up your chest. Uncross your legs and plant both feet on the ground. Sit tall, with your back straight and your eyes level with your computer. If your company allows it, make the switch to a standing desk! Alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day.  
  2. Add some movement. Find ways to add a little extra movement during your day. We all know the old "take the stairs instead of the escalator" but there are all sorts of ways to move. Long conference call scheduled? Use a headset or put the phone on speaker and walk around the room. Stand up every now and then do a few stretches or desk exercises you can do though out the day
  3. Pack a snack! Instead of digging into the company snack pantry or filling yourself with meeting bagels and pizza lunches, bring a healthy snack. Keep protein packed snacks at your desk like nuts, yogurt, or beef jerky to keep you filled throughout the day and to avoid feeling overly hungry - which leads to over eating.
  4. Drink more water. Keep a reusable (glass or aluminum) water bottle at your desk, keep it filled and drink regularly! Add fresh fruit, mint, or a lemon for a boost.
  5. Take a break. Don't over work or exhaust yourself. Take a brain break from time to time, look away from your computer to give your eyes a rest, stretch, take a quick walk outside for some fresh air. Take your full lunch break, away from your desk, to tackle the afternoon feeling refreshed and re-energized. 

What other healthy habits have you found help you face the work week? Let us know and stay healthy!