Get to Know the Doc


Dr. Gregory M. Shure, Chiropractor



What is your favorite part of living in New York City? I would probably say my favorite part of living in New York City is the energy. It's a fast paced environment where things are always changing and people are always on the move. It motivates and pushes in every aspect of my life. My other favorite part is the diversity; there are things and people from all over the world.
What's your favorite restaurant in NYC? JG Melon
What foods & practices are essential to your well-being? The foods essential to my well-being are definitely kale, quinoa, organic/grass-fed meats and protein, almond butter, and amazing Vitamix smoothies! As far as practices - mindfulness and any chance to be outside running around with my children are key. 
What inspired you to get into chiropractic care? I was inspired by a soccer injury in high school. I was incredibly fortunate and was able to find a wellness/sports based chiropractor who understood the importance of health being an inside-out philosophy, which has guided me throughout my life.

What is your favorite part about working with your patients? My favorite part is helping to guide them toward less discomfort and better movement. Along with developing long term relationships.
What is your treatment philosophy? My philosophy is to have patients take responsibility for their health, taking a proactive approach to wellness.
What is your area of expertise? Helping the busy, active New Yorker take control of their health and encourage positive lifestyle changes.
Is there anything else we should know about you? I love Coldplay and Dave Mathews Band. I love to run and do high intensity interval training. I'm the lucky father of two kids, Hunter and Chloe, and incredibly lucky husband to a wonderful woman.